Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ninja guide - Rotmg

Hi guys ! As you all know , the ninja has been released :) Yup , so some fun tips on the ninja !
The ninja is really squishy but is real pain ... kinda like a egg coming straight in your face * ouch * It's hp is real low so i advice u get sup hp and stay real careful. At oryx , you are usually the first to reach him but remember you cant take damage AND your ability has a range of 15. So once you get about 10 boxes from him ( estimate , 10 boxes as precaution  ), fire your star ! Make sure you do this before those red jerks appear as your star cant pass through them and there goes your chance of sb. When most players have appeared , try to stand slightly behind the melees for good measure and just aim for oryx as your kantana passes through those red jerks. Once you have done this , keep going and by now, you should have roughly 50 % chance of sb already so you can stay back a bit for the rest of the time :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Rotmg guide - Knight

Real long since last upload so decided to make one for knights. This is  my favourite class because of it's handy stun :> It's damage is awesome and it's really good unmaxed. A total beast when maxed , it's only fault is it's high cost. 40 def may make it the ultimate tank but 40 def is really expensive. Always keep lots of  hp and mp pots around. Knights do extremely well at bosses and events and often have most risk but higher rewards :> Just saying but here are a few tips to get ur sb.
1> Always feels free to use ur mp pots. At the cemetry's last boss , if done with a good team, you should be able to upkeep ur stun such that she only summons the occasional skull. * that doesnt do much dmg * . This method guarantees you sb ( usually vit , para ring , wis and some other crap. ) U can try stunning the other 2 bosses but t's rlly up to you. Different knights prefer different stun timings to deal their dmg.
2> At oryx try to stun him immediately once u meet him. This guarantees less dmg to you and higher chance of sb.
3> * not related to loot * be a mate ! ur a tank. if ur teamate gets low, stand in front of him to take some dmg. u could save someone's char ! ( they may say thnx , makes ur day :D )

That's all cya !

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Char guide : Warrior

The last class guide I'll be making cause i'm lazy :P So this class is a very short ranged class. It has a nice touch with the sword though, since it has high dmg, and a special ( helmet- let's u move and shoot way faster) that allows u to do something like a hit-and-run on the enemy so you can do exactly that. Juz be careful not to take too much dmg during the tactic cause the warrior cannot heal itself rapidly like the paladin. Almost impossible to use in godlands,it is not gd especially for the dang ghost gods ( includes Septavius in udl) as it can't really dodge without getting hit. So pretty much, that's all for the class guides.

Char guide: Rogue

Does not do much dmg, short range, but has higher hp, spd and other stats.It has a cloak  for u to use so that u can become invisible ( can still take dmg though ) . This class is best for solo in dungeons and godlands . Making it effective for pots farming. However, i recommend u get a gd cloak cause it is wat that supports the class. Harder to die but not effective in group where everyone is charging forward.

Char guide : Archer

One of the best classes availale, it has a long range, and effective quiver. This class is gd only if you have the gd stuff for it. Otherwise, it is useless. ( Totally crap ) By gd stuff, i mean golden bow and above, iron quiver( meges would be better) and above, drake hide and above, and para rings ;) if u have the gd stuff, u can effectively use your bow to kill a few at a time while paralyzing the bosses. However, it has low hp and is very easy to die.( Died today wih 6/6 ) So carry lots of hp pots and inchors with u :)

Char guide: Priest

2nd guide and also 2nd class unlockable in game. It has the same low spd crap as wizard but is more effective in terms of battle. Unlike the spells of wizard, it can heal itslef and all around it so that makes it very precious ( same for paladin ) in bosses and event gods ( cube, skull etc ).
It can heal so i suggest that u use this class as it can just walk into traps and all the crap ( oryx himslef too ) and heal yourself so if you have mastered the art of looting, you'll most probably get something from all dungeons :P